October 29, 2004

APRA Silver Scrolls 04

The APRA Silver Scrolls. Before I knew it I had gone from wistfully wondering what they’d be like to frantically flinging items of my wardrobe about my room…
  • Monday night: My big sad eyes and pouting paid off and I scored a ticket to the Town Hall do. I realise the magnitude of the Clothing Crisis facing me.
  • Tuesday 1pm-2:20pm: Whirlwind lunchtime shopping expedition involving trawling through four stores and being discouraged by approximately twelve ill-fitting, ill-advised items results in fantastic new black top.
  • 5pm: I fly out the door of the office and charge home, quickly beautify myself and walk to Georgie’s, trying not to walk fast enough to glow ("Horses sweat, men perspire, and ladies glow.")
  • 5:40pm: As I walk briskly across town, my undeniably high heeled right shoe decides to keel over, taking my unsuspecting foot with it. Offending shoe is sternly reprimanded, “Look, $5 shoe from Clyde Quay School Fair, be good to me.” Twisted ankle is firmly ignored.
  • 6:10pm: We arrive at the Town Hall and are greeted with champagne… always welcome.
After that there was lots of standing around wondering who all the people were, wondering who’s famous and why, and trying to spot cute out-of-towners. I bumped into Noizyboy wearing his Scooby Doo jacket and saw Bizgirl swanning about looking glam. The awards themselves weren’t terribly interesting. They were hosted by Oliver Driver, whom I short-sightedly mistook for Newsboy, and various people gave speeches – Arthur Baysting, Moana Maniopoto, Steve Maharey (or was it Trevor Mallard? Guess who was paying attention). The best part was seeing the nominees’ songs performed by other artists. Paselode particularly made waves with their rendition of champion track ‘Not Many’ by Scribe and P-Money.

So who sang what?
The Phoenix Foundation – The Bats of Darkwell Lane (Betchadupa)
Mahinarangi Tocker, Shona Laing and others - Home Land and Sea (TrinityRoots)
Not sure who… - Fiji Baby (Goodshirt)
Paselode - Not Many (Scribe)
Rhombus - Getting What You Give (Dimmer)
Minuit - Grey Boy (the New Freedom)

Afterwards the Second Stage was opened up, which mainly consisted of unknown people taking the opportunity to inflict their less worthy efforts on the ears of the crowd as inebriation set in. The rest is history...



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