October 17, 2004

Weekend in 09

That was some weekend. I drove up to Auckland with some people after work on Thursday. Got in about 1am, had a nice relaxing Friday morning doing very little apart from some exciting band admin and then went shopping with Ru's sister Rosie. I bought:

  • t-shirt from Aotea Square markets - since given to Ru cos it doesn't fit
  • sunglasses from Wild Pair - hooray, finally I can ditch the orange welding goggles
  • I think that's all. Poor effort.
As the day turned to afternoon and evening Rosie and I had a beer at the MIC and then went down Queen St to the Top of the Pops studio, where Ru was hard at work doing whatever production assistants do. We were so fortunate as to see 67 Special and 48 May perform to hordes of excitable young teenage girls. The floor crew are so pushy - we got forced into the crowd for 48 May's performance and I was quite overwhelmed by all the teenaged-girl-pogoing. I missed Dei Hamo in order to go and meet Heather for a drink. (Not that I minded.) I have realised I am too tired to continue writing in such depth so here's some highlights of the weekend:
  • MMF 'October Sessions' were very educational and I met lots of people from roundabout;
  • Speed networking is an odd experience, but quite amusing nonetheless;
  • It is possible to catch a bus from downtown to Remuera and back again on a Saturday evening in one hour, but only just;
  • The Fanatics played really well at the C4 birthday party;
  • I have an excellent sense of general direction (followed my nose to the King's Arms); and
  • Starting drinking at 7pm is not always advisable;
  • Being hungover is uncool, especially at someone else's house;
  • The drive to the airport is quite long.
    I move house tomorrow. My room is CHAOS.



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