October 10, 2004

It rained today.

This afternoon me and my new homies checked out our as-of-next-weekend home and had complicated negotiations over who would get which room. The room nobody wanted is one of the larger ones, and it has its own sort of deck/courtyard thing, and following said negotiations it is now MY room. Once I get my new toy there will be pictures. Oh yes.

It was a good thing that I had to go and do the flat-mission, because it made me get out of bed. Moving happens next weekend (except I'll be in the 09 so it's moving-Monday for me) and packing is a top priority. Last night was pretty indulgent, and I could have done with some more pillow time. A synopsis: hanging at Nick's parents' place with his family, his sister's friends and assorted randoms. Lovely people, a most pleasant evening, in spite of everyone being pretty jaded from our party the night before (which was interesting). Then I went to the Cross where Hot Swiss Mistress were playing with Nouveau Riche for their album release. On to Indigo where I caught the last song of Batrider's last NZ encore, then the Matterhorn with a motley gang of Aucklanders I fell in with. I enjoyed myself. I look forward to visiting Ak next weekend, sans band! Imagine!



Blogger supergood said...

Man, it was odd when Nick's brother walked in and I realised who both of them were. This country is tiny.

11:19 AM  

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