September 15, 2004

Handle the Jandal 2004... DIY... music video making somethingorother

You'd think I'd remember the exact title, after hearing it repeated about a million times often within the same sentence, by Radio Active's verbally incontinent Miles who as usual stepped up to the podium to wave his arms around a lot and say "Whoohoo!!" frequently to indicate when excitement was merited.

It's a music video contest. The idea is that entrants have had no funding to assist with their efforts. I think there were around 60 entries, and last night at the Embassy (yup, the Embassy) they screened the 15 finalists.

Here's the results:

1. Stylus 77 - 'Do what you gotta do' dir. Rory McHarg Best Something*
2. James Duncan - 'Do You?' dir. Dylan Pharazyn
3. Rogue Element - 'Eastcoastrumental' dir. Rupert Reynolds
4. Stardrunk - 'Simple Days' dir. Tania Bruce and Andrew Holmes Best Editing - BOLLOCKS
5. Phelps and Munro - 'Pre Amble' dir. Robin Charles Best Concept, 2nd Runner up
6. Paselode - 'Lock and Load' dir. Sam Handley
7. Flash Harry - 'I love Lo-Fi' dir. Paul Herschell
8. Ebb - 'Be a Man' - dir. Rueben Sutherland Top Dog
9. Shakhan - 'Sandstorm' dir. Josh Osbourne
10. Audio Sauce - 'Come and Get Me' dir. Paul Herschell
11. The Inkling - 'The Booyeow Shamble' dir. Sam Buys
12. Slavetrader - 'The People's Party' dir. Chris Stapp Best Exploitative Tactics to Promote a Video
13. Twinset - 'San Pedro Sula' dir. Ned Wenlock Best Animation, 1st runner up
14. The Phoenix Foundation - 'Gone Fishing' dir. Richard Bell Best Cinematography
15. Rogue Element - 'Hey People' dir. Daveyboy Payne

I can't remember them all, so I'll update once the results get put up somewhere. It's Radio Active, so they're nowhere to be seen just yet.

The Phelps & Munro vid was excellent - a guy sitting on a couch, with feet and fingers tapping in time with the beats. Ebb's video was super cool, all kinds of stuff going on, around the idea of selling some serum called 'Be A Man', had that cool trombone player from Fat Freddy's gettin' jiggy wit it damn! I'd never heard of Rogue Elemental before but they were very interesting, and had cool videos too. 'Eastcoastrumental' followed a black-clad stencil graffiti artist around, and 'Hey People' was pure freak show with some crazy-ass zombie shit going on. Stardrunk were total crap, awfully bland and repetitive, trying quite hard to be Shihad but their force tactics mean they'll never get the same recognition. Shakhan's video was pretty cool, not my style however. The Inkling video was very impressive, big ups Sam!! I think that Paselode deserved some recognition for their excellent 'Lock and Load' video.

Nice to finally check out the refurbished Embassy too. I hadn't been there since it got all flashed up for the Lord of the Rings 'Return of the King' premiere last December. This in spite of the fact that I walk past it every single day, it being a stone's throw from my house.

*I gotta run to work now, probably edit this later.



Blogger supergood said...

All flashed up Embassy is very pretty. But I only went once and that was to see Return of the King - I guess its cos they only have 1 screen, but they never really seem to play movies I want to watch.

9:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Jess, I keep meaning to post a comment here so I'm not just a creepy lurker - last week was the perfect chance cos I could've said 'Will Oldham was amaaaaaaazing huh'. But choosing to comment on today's entry prompts me to ask if you saw my cameo in one of those videos? I helped make it ... and like most of those involved I have the scars to prove it!

3:17 AM  
Blogger Jessie said...

// scars to prove it

I'm not surprised if it's the one I think you mean!! No I didn't see you! But I'll know to look next time... thanks

12:03 PM  

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