January 26, 2005

For Todaaay...

I'll remember your smiiile. For todaaay I'll remember your smiiile.

Okay. Now that's over with, it's time for the fun stuff. Due to some kind of apparent over-indulgence associated with my weekend in Auckland, I now have a grand total of $4.28 for the next six days. Hang on, that's no fun at all.

So that's not the fun part. The fun part is that I've posted the answers to my terribly difficult lyrics quiz... take a look here and I'll listen carefully for the sound of hands slapping foreheads in recognition.

Today I got involved in a political discussion with my boss. I went in to his office to discuss some files, and he was reading Don Brash's latest Urewa speech. "Oh, I suppose you think he's great too," I exclaimed, having been exasperated with my secretary moments earlier over the subject. He questioned my irritation. I was unable to give any solid arguments. It's a shame. I’d like to be able to make reasoned argument when it comes to the politics I believe in, but the sad fact is I just don’t know what I’m talking about. I fall back on emotion and reaction instead of facts and reliable information. It’s worthless to parade my BA in politics if I can’t even verbalise my own opinions.


Blogger limegreen said...

This comment from someone else's in Russell Brown's blog today seems to some it up really.

"The truly sad thing about Brash's "wedge" politics of envy is that his so called solutions are all tried and proven failures. Not one original idea or hint that he actually cared about the problem beyond what votes he can garner from the issue by appealing to the public's basest instincts."

11:21 PM  
Blogger Jessie said...

Hmmm, interesting reading. Similar sentiments in this article.

11:43 PM  
Blogger The Saturnyne said...

Politicians! Bah! Scum o' the Earth. Never met a politician who didn't deserve a good kicking. Self self self. That's all they are really. I say we all choose the least willing to govern us.

*vomms at the thought of meeting more politicians*


4:04 AM  
Blogger Jessie said...

Hahahaha!! It's not worth making yourself ill over. Maybe it is. Ambivalence at the bottom of the cliff, anyone?!

9:54 AM  

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