January 25, 2005

Wellington Anniversary

Monday was Wellington Anniversary. I celebrated. Didn't you? I sat on the deck, drinking beers and catching up with Nick-o-love, who's back!! from his overseas adventures and not a moment too soon! Along with Oliver, we took turns with the juggling balls and periodically cast angry looks at the giant-sized Rubik's Cube I received as a Christmas Secret Santa gift.

When I received it I was determined to solve it but I soon discovered this was definitely impossible. I even thought that the Magical Internet would come to my aid, but I discovered that solutions like this still required me to engage my brain. Meh. At least it has come in handy time and time again as a conversation starter. We discussed the stress that would undoubtedly cause one's head to explode, if you were forced to either solve the puzzle or be put to death. Or, if you solved the puzzle you receive ten million dollars. Or, if you solve it, you get ten million dollars, and if you can't, you get put to death.

We had a game of Cranium instead.

I’ll get round to recounting my tale of BDO sometime soon, right about when you’re all over it and full of excitement for my next adventure: Soundsplash.


Blogger nincomjoel said...

//Blood & Fire Soundsystem feat. Ranking Joe//

they're playing at one love aye?
when's that?
i don't have $95
so one love it is...

11:12 PM  
Blogger Jessie said...

"One Love" = Bob Marley. Bob Marley's birthday = Feb 6 = Waitangi Day. Wish I could make it; but I guess I can't complain!

11:20 PM  

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