April 28, 2005

The Have @ Zebo's

On Wednesday night I called a friend and was told he was at Zebo's.

As I continued with my mundane evening tasks, the idea grew on me. Zebo's is a mere skip down the road and I knew it had to be a good idea for me to get amongst it.

It wasn't until I was a few blocks from home that I realised I was heading to Zebo's - on a Wednesday.

For those not in the know, Wednesday nights at Zebo's (during the university term at least) are shocking. And that's coming from someone who used to frequent Gardies!! How do I know? I worked at Zebo's for eight crazy, nocturnal months, back when I first moved from Dunedin to Wellington.

It wasn't until I was outside the bar that I realised this particular Wednesday was a little different - Autozamm and The Have were playing. Having survived the banter of the doorman, I entered the bar and soon located my friends outside. Ah, Wellington bars... how I will miss thee.

The Have were playing first, which is good for me, as I have already seen Autozamm but had not yet witnessed Wanganui's finest. Once I had bought myself a beer (Export Dry, $3.50 - understand the student thing now?) and settled in with my friends, I discovered that we were sharing our rather large table with the band and a sizeable posse. I discreetly scanned the group to see if I recognised any Wangas folk, even though the band are about four years younger than me. I didn't. I did recognise the guitarist whose elder brother is my age and whose father was my doctor. He is IMPOSSIBLY SKINNY. When they eventually started playing, I found that I could NOT stop staring at his wispy frame and wondering, "Do they make jeans that small? Did he have to order them specially? Can that be healthy??" etc.

The Have were great. The singer/guitarist has a greasy rock n roll sort of look, reminds me a little of Booga, and the aforementioned other guitarist has great mosh hair. The drummer, in the isolated glimpses I caught when the singer moved out of the way, always had one of those exertion-induced half-open grins on, which was nice to see. The bass player's face was entirely hidden beneath a greasy mop of hair, but he had tattoos.

I quite liked The Have. I only had the one beer yet in an absent moment I found myself very close to dancing! Suppose they've got a record out by now, right, considering they're signed to CRS Management... Best I check it out.


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