April 03, 2005

Melbourne III - pictures

High St, Northcote

Exhibition Fountain, Carlton Gardens - 1880

Trades Hall

Part of the Old Gaol, I think

Bug-eyed businessmen

St Patrick's Cathedral

Spooky head thing going on

Detail - building on Chapel St

Northcote Theatre

Prometheus steals fire for humankind

Shrine of Remembrance


Anonymous Stephen said...

Wow, that's made me homesick. If you thought Melbourne is great now go back in a few weeks time when Autumn kicks in and the city changes colour.

If you're thinking about relocating then you'd be hard pressed to find a nicer city in the world to move to. I come from Melbourne, have lived in Sydney, spent 5 years in London and then ended up in Auckland.

Melbourne definitely ranks up near the top of the list.

London has the better music scene though.

5:31 AM  

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