May 18, 2005

Don't stop, it's almost the weekend.

In spite of my diminishing ability to budget fortnights in advance, I'm not going to miss out on this weekend's live entertainment. I've split my debt between overdraft and credit card and I'm pleased to say I am the holder of tickets to attend the D4 gig at Bodega tonight as well as Blink's swan song, the mammoth A Low Hum gig at Indigo this Saturday.

I've never been the biggest fan of the D4, but seeing as the Fanatics are playing too, I thought I'd refresh my memory. It must be a good few years since I last saw the D4 play - probably at an Otago orientation, which is probably why I can't quite recall. Yesterday a late addition to the lineup was announced - the Accelerants will also play a set in between the two billed bands. Yay! I've been spinning their debut Blood and Bones lately and it'll be good to catch them live.

They're also part of this Saturday's A Low Hum lineup, alongside Batrider, Cassette, Phelps & Munro, Disasteradio, The Chandeliers and (hooray!) Goldenaxe. Not forgetting the threat of a late-night set from DJ Blink! I'd pay $15 just to see Cassette - this will be an excellent night.


Blogger Barry said...

Wish I could see Batrider again, but even if I could get away from Dunedin this weekend, I doubt that I could rationalise a trip to Wellington for them. Looking forward to indications of what the D4 are like these days - last time I saw them was at a Big Day Out and they seemed curiously absent, far too quiet for the kind of music they were doing. So, I'm in two minds as to whether I'll check them out in Oamaru on Sunday.

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