October 18, 2006


As I got ready to drive back into Wellington from Johnsonville on Sunday afternoon, I discovered that my scarf was missing. Luckily I was too tired have a proper panic.

I'm big on scarves. Even as the weather warms into spring, if I can get away with it, I'll wear a scarf. I think it's because of the temporo-mandibular joint issues I had a few years back, and the resultant sensitivity in my TMJ to the cold. I currently have five to choose from. A wide, brightly-coloured scarf my sister Megan gave me (or was it Anna? Uh-oh). A knitted red and white scarf that I bought for $5 from an elderly lady raising money for the hospice in Wanganui. A long, thin black and blue striped Nom D scarf given to me after fashion week last year. For certain days (like today), there's a long and luxurious fluffy black mohair scarf, which I knitted myself over the course of a year, when I lived in in Mt Victoria. And there's a fairly plain but versatile oatmeal scarf, with which to ward off the chilly Wellington wind.

It's unusual for me to go away and only take one scarf; I've been known to take a choice of three for a weekend in Wanganui. However this time I'd made an effort to pack light, not even taking a towel, as I knew I could rely on Jane's impeccable hospitality. (Thanks Jane!) Just the one scarf, then. And I'd left it on the train.

It was icy cold when I set out for the station, aiming for the 10:02am service through to Johnsonville. I was the only person sitting on the rear carriage, until a man and his small daughter jumped on just before we started moving. Sheltered from the cold wind, it was almost too warm on the train, and I quickly removed my scarf and shuffled to the aisle side of the bench seat, away from the heater. What with my little bag of gifts for my newly 2 niece, Bella, along with my ipod and another bag, I had my hands full when I disembarked and my scarf was left behind.

When I explained my loss to Johnny over coffee at Deluxe, he was dismissive. "It's gone," he said. I refused to acknowledge the finality of departure of the most versatile item in my collection. On Monday morning, I googled 'Wellington trains' and found the website for Tranzmetro, and the phone number for lost property. I spoke to the lovely Gordon, who located my scarf and posted it to me. How great is that?! He even put a smiley face on the envelope.

As for images of the sinking Titanic, aren't I such the drama queen? Also, please note the new and exciting feature on my sidebar: thumbnails of my current desktop wallpaper! I change this quite a lot, depending on my mood, and quite often you can find the images here.



Blogger cotard said...

What a happy little scarf-returny-story.

Nice one!

3:53 AM  
Blogger Anna said...

I'm so impressed that you bothered to go after your lost scarf - especially as you already have loads. Of course, I too have a few and could have given you one... was so good to have you over that day ;)

3:01 AM  

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