March 11, 2010

Hello, London!

The return to London has been a little difficult, but I'm pleased to say that after a brief three-day depression, things have been on the up. My New Zealand holiday consisted months of hot weather, beautiful rural settings, and little to do besides drive my borrowed car from friends' house to friends' house, or down to the river to swim and throw sticks for my favourite dog. Contrasted with single digit temperatures, icy cold (admittedly everyone says I missed the worst, but that's relative surely), endless public transport, and a slightly aimless existence - it's hardly surprising that I might question my sanity! A zillion miles from my farmer poet, even if that sometimes seems like a good idea.

So where's the beautiful positive, as Pascalle West would say? Catching up with friends and family is top of the list, and sometime in the not too distant future, I'll hopefully add "rewarding new career direction" as a close second. I've got one or two projects on the go now, and while flat hunting isn't my idea of a positive experience, I certainly hope the outcome is.

Luckily there's always good music to be found. And here's a treat - for a limited time, download the first single from the Phoenix Foundation's forthcoming album Buffalo. Go here for the free download.

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