March 01, 2010

In Transit II

Once again I'm in transit in Hong Kong, and I'm in much better shape than last visit. I think it's around half 4 in the morning NZ time, and around eleven thirty local time, and physically I feel fine. Mentally, I have no idea how I feel... I do know that I had a brilliant time in New Zealand, loads of great experiences with great people and just one or two that I don't need to repeat ever again.

Because I'm a fledgling data geek, here's a look at where I spent my 90 days in Aotearoa:

Within those locations, I stayed at 26 different places. Thanks to the kindness of a then-stranger, turned-out-to-be-a-relative, I drove over 7000 km and was driven another 1000 or so. I went to three weddings and three music festivals. I drank 40 litres of sauvignon blanc and 175 Mac's Great Whites. The last sentence isn't true. I took a roller coaster ride with the farmer poet and developed a dog-crush on Taffy the coolest labrador ever (affectionately known as my perfect man in canine form).

And now I'm London-bound, to start a new job and find a new flat, and looking forward to jaunts to Iceland, Japan, and Spain in the next few months. Bring it on.

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