March 29, 2010

The Phoenix Foundation - Buffalo

I wrote a few weeks ago about the new Phoenix Foundation single, called Buffalo, which will feature on the new studio album (also called Buffalo) which most serendipitously drops from the heavens on my birthday. Presales start any second now, if I understand the band's website correctly.

Anyway. Check out the lovely video which the fabulous Nato (any Wellingtonians/NZers full stop will undoubtedly know Nato!) has crafted:

The Phoenix Foundation - Buffalo from Nathan Hickey on Vimeo.

Love those big dogs. And didn't they do well to find a sunny day in Wellington?! Here's a look at the band playing the song live at Slow Boat Records.

I'm off to order myself a Golden Buffalo quick-smart - there are only 50 packages available! Heh - reminds me of a Mexican Hollywood.. whatever that is.

UK readers, as far as I know the band will be over here in late summer, and there's bound to be some special offers. But who can wait that long?!

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OpenID livingwithgrumpy said...

nice video from Nato, not everyone in NZ knows everyone else in NZ but of course I know him

2:38 PM  

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