July 24, 2004


I really struggle to think of post titles.

Things that I dislike:
1. The vibration that shocks through the house when the front door gets slammed
2. Ordering CDs online and being told that one isn't available ever anymore and I used to own it but I had to return it to the publication I reviewed it for
3. Having to return review CDs to the publication I review them for
4. Getting up in the middle of the night to get a glass of water and weaving all over my room before finding the door

Things I like:
1. The weekend
2. Experiencing stadium atmosphere at Indigo without feeling compelled to be crushed and sweated on at the front
3. Trumpet stabs, saxophone and trombone, synchronicity
4. Waking up and not being hungover
5. Looking forward to having a gig tonight!

Last night began with sitting in the lounge, sated by chicken masala, alternately sipping beer and tea and eating copious amounts of chocolate given to me by an excessively generous work colleague. Listening to metal. Nick insists that it isn't metal; but what else could you label those insane riffs and searing vocals?? It was called Alexis Redhead or something... Again I pressed him to check out Dragonforce. I'm sure he'd love them, he just doesn't like to admit to it.

We buzzed out on Franz Ferdinand's 'Shopping For Blood' and again I wished there was a Wellington concert. Reminds me of Iggy Pop, Joy Division, QOTSA... I'm a little behind the times, living in my wee nzmusic-orientated world - must buy the album. I have been on a roll with new music, buying up large. It's great... this week's purchase is the Shocking Pinks 'Dance the Dance Electric'. It's one I turned down for review months ago, thinking I lacked the context to be objective. And now I get to listen in leisure. The best way. I also tried to get the Coolies, since I only have it on dirty realplayer (which won't translate to iTunes) after having to give it back, post-review, but it's proving difficult to locate. God forbid that I should actually have to go to a record store...

The Scribes of Ra were cool last night! I love seeing the way they communicate on stage. The Black Seeds were on form, nice lengthy encore set too. Sell out crowd. They're off to Singapore next week! Nice one boys. Andy Flyboy was dropping the funky beats at Good Luck too, excellent to catch up. According to Nick the Mint Chicks gig was all good: he said Pussy Glitch were great too, with out-of-tune guitar and everything wired through a synth.

The other night on the Simpsons Lisa made the comment to the effect that popular music serves to distract people from taking an interest in politics. My consciousness is chiefly filled by interests, cares and concerns all entrenched in the music industry, whether it be the band I manage, friends' bands, popular music (by which I mean what is commonly referred to as 'alternative'), what's being played, who's playing it, how it affects me and how I access it. It's easy to get caught up. I put a huge amount of my productivity into achieving goals within the music industry, productivity that potentially could be used towards political ends. But it's where my heart is.

That said, I appreciate the perspective that Lisa's comment gives.

This week's work-induced revelation: I need to learn how to think.



Blogger Jessie said...

Speaking of the Shocking Pinks there's been a lot of discussion about them lately on the nzm boards... I don't have an opinion just yet. I don't think I've seen them live either, maybe I have I just can't remember... mumblemumble get smarter campaign oops mumble shuffle what?

1:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The name of this post reminds me of that Les Rhythmes Digitales song... so catchy: airbrushed sounds!

4:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

say, if you review a cd, and you don't get to keep it, do you get paid instead? Generally, I've found when reviewing cds I get to keep them as payment for writing the review. Otherwise, that's several hours of your life you'll never have back (listening to said cd several times)

11:59 PM  
Blogger Jessie said...

// say, if you review a cd, and you don't get to keep it, do you get paid instead?

For every other publication I've ever reviewed for, the CD has been payment. It just happens that for this one, they require the CD to be returned. I'd blag the odd door-name now and then, although more often than not they said no. I'm not running them down, they do a good job for very little return... I used to write for them every week but now I don't have the time. I miss being on the pulse of new New Zealand releases but I don't miss the stress of trying to figure out how to express music in words. Now I pretty much only review every couple of months for nzmusician. And the odd feature for A Low Hum.

12:49 AM  

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