July 14, 2004

a wise lady once said

"Seven deep breaths will solve any problem." She told me it was a Samurai saying. I can't even remember what it was that I was stressed about; I was sitting in the Moonfisher Cafe at Christiania at the time, so it was probably to do with my lost credit card and subsequent six weeks without money. ...

I am trying to take seven deep breaths, but I keep losing count as the enormity of the petty tasks before me closes in. It's twenty to six and I want to go home; but I have stacks of paperwork to get through and freaking out about it isn't helping any! (Nor is spending time blogging - but taking the time out helps.)

Aside from that, if anyone can tell me how to make characters like the 'o' with a line through it, or the 'a' with a circle above it, I would find it easier to write Danish words.


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