November 11, 2004

It was Armistice Day yesterday

I know because someone said so on nzm. So a gossipy, bitchy music site is my main source of knowledge of current events. What can you do?! I also discovered some interesting information about the Unknown Warrior. Thank you, nzmers, for asking the important questions.

Do you ever wish there were a lot more hours in the day?? I finally make it home to do some work and it's after midnight. Now that's just not conducive to a good working day tomorrow. But I feel so productive. It's like how I get heaps of work done between 5 and 5:30pm at work, but comparatively little for the bulk of the day!

I got some CDs in the mail today. 'Fly My Pretties' and a band I've never heard of called Surrealistic. Comments in due course... they got sent to my old address (the master plan to notify every possible interested party has failed somewhat) so deadline is next Wednesday. Stink.

Take a look at this website. It made me feel somehow better that there are, of course, many sane Americans.

I'm thinking I'll go to the Mish at Phoenix this weekend to see GND, the Phoenix Foundation and the Black Seeds. It's $25, but it's a good cause, and it's the first time the Black Seeds have played with a new drummer, new horn section, no lead guitarist, Mike Fab on bass etc so should be worth a look!

Finally, here's the big question that's been plaguing me of late. Do I tell my Dad about my blog?? One rationale for having this site at all is so that members of my family can keep up with my life without the need for emails. Hmmm, sounds lazy already... I think that at least a couple of my siblings visit now and then, at least I assume that's who the UK visitors are, besides Singlefin and the Saturnyne stopping by now and then. But my Dad? I'm just not sure I want him reading between the lines. What do people think?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

The eternal blogger's problem. If the rellies are reading, how does one stop self-censoring what one writes?

On the other hand, maybe you shouldn't post anything that you wouldn't want your family to read. I generally follow the latter.

Depends who your primary audience is - people who only know you as a pseudonym... or people who know the real you (or can find you if they want to).


7:01 PM  
Blogger supergood said...

I haven't told my folks about my blog, because my potty mouth would offend them. If they did know about it, im sure that I would end up cutting stuff that should be left in (not just cuss words) and that would make it less rewarding for me, which would be bad.

7:32 PM  
Blogger The Saturnyne said...

i agree with you Jessie. Same reason why i haven't told my folks about it. I think mine would be weirded out by my, um, er, "weirdness". All my friends know about it though... which i'm happy about, as i wouldn't ever say anything about them on there anyway.


2:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi from carolyn (

for 'americans who are also upset about the elections' you might also enjoy this link:

6:03 PM  

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