July 15, 2005


Last night I went to the launch of Autozamm's debut album, As For Now. Held at Kiss bar on K Rd, it was impressively packed with a range of music fans who were there for something more than the free beer. Like me. Of course. Although it helps.

Something more is what we got. Autozamm played a short set, including the album's title track, which has been getting some bNet airplay. I enjoyed it, although I was surprised that the sound leans more towards the 'rock' side of the pop/rock spectrum, and even had some hair-metal technical bits!! Nice to hear lead vocalist Nick thanking the Bernie Griffen (of distributor Global Routes/label Flaming Pearl), Kog (where the album was recorded), David Holmes (producer) and Paul Marshall (manager). I do like to hear managers getting recognition.

I would link to the album someplace, but I can't find it anywhere.


Blogger suze said...


I was tossing up between Autozamm and Lucid3 and decided on bed instead.

Oh well. Next time.

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