October 30, 2005

Some Kind of Monster

Something, anything must go on here to push that horrible spider down the page. Can't let it take over all my space like this!

Today I watched Some Kind of Monster, a documentary about Metallica and the recording of their 2003 album, St Anger. It was pretty interesting, much as I'm not a Metallica fan.

Even though he seemed like quite an angry kind of man, Lars Ulrich was my favourite.

He's a former tennis prodigy! And I learned that he is from Denmark: the guy who got kicked out and started Megadeth (Dave Mustaine) called him "my little Danish friend." I thought that was cute.


Blogger Heck said...

Just read earlier today in Jon's site (the guy who married Heather, the girl who lost her job because of Dooce, etc) that when he worked in a magazine going after bands for interviews and stuff, Metallica were the nicest people to work with. Imagine that.

12:25 AM  
Blogger audreysan said...

lars is a toal jerkoff (sueing napster?? angry shortman syndrome issues, etc, grr) and mustaine is the bomb! FACT! xx

10:08 AM  
Blogger Pix said...

Hey Jessie,

Bugger you couldn't make it down the other weekend. Jimmy sounds like he had a ball though.

I don't mind big spiders, but I picked a beautie up off the boy's bed the other night and went and held it out to him, and he started shrieking like a banshee to drop it. Apparently it was a white tail. Didn't get a chance to verify as it got squashed.

8:39 AM  

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