October 04, 2005

First Announcement: BDO 06

The White Stripes
Iggy and the Stooges
Franz Ferdinand
Kings of Leon
The Mars Volta
The Magic Numbers
Soul Wax
2 Many DJs
Fat Freddy's Drop
Elemeno P
Che Fu and the Krates
The Brunettes
The Living End
Dei Hamo

Fuckin sweet lineup, huh.


Blogger b said...

very very sweet, indeed!

12:49 am  
Blogger Peter McLennan said...

iggy and the stooges!! Hell yeah!!!! I'd heard they were rumoured for gigs in OZ later this year and was seriously considering flying over there for em, but now I dont have to....

4:01 am  
Blogger Barry said...

Already more exciting than the last couple of BDO's. Sleater-Kinney is particularly yum yum. Will be fun to see Iggy again - I wonder if he wears a shirt at gigs yet - he certainly didn't when he hit Auckers back in, um, 1990 or so.

12:56 pm  
Blogger Paul Capewell said...

Great, another reason to wish I was in Auckland!

Heh, thats a pretty sweet initial line up, aye :)


7:37 pm  
Blogger Miramar Mike said...

I like everyone (mostly) except the top 2. I'm over The White Stripes AND Iggy ... well, manye I'm old and crusty but once ya've seen him once you've seen him a thousand times ... I think.

But I'm old and crusty and won't be going anywho.

Love Franz Ferdinand being there though, looove to see them.

12:25 am  

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