September 30, 2005

Fast Friday

Shout out to Duchess (on myspace here), whose EP/video release/tea party I attended on Wednesday at the Odeon. (They're playing at the Odeon again this Saturday too). It was cool, and they had really good lamingtons and even cheese and pickle on toothpicks stuck into oranges! Top marks. I couldn't stay for the whole set though, as I had to dash to the Ivan Anthony Gallery on K Rd (on the corner of the street that goes to Galatos St) for Matt (aka Ace)'s opening. If you're near the Ivan Anthony Gallery over the next few weeks, go see Matt's paintings - they are truly awesome and if I had more disposable income I would snap a few up myself. Very cool, kind of apocalyptically prophetic... errr I hope not... go see 'em anyway.

Last night was the first night of Fly My Pretties at the Hopetoun Alpha, and being bar-girl-supreme-on-call-for-all-occasions, I had a decent view of proceedings. The venue is fantastic, and the band were great, particularly the freestyle jammed out bits towards the end. The show is on for two more nights with an all-ages matinee tomorrow.

This weekend is possibly the busiest weekend EVER. I have to find something to wear the music awards next Wednesday, go to an Asian food fair in Freeman's Bay, collect my belongings from various stashes around town and shift them to my new place, write three cd reviews, do two nights' bar work, go to MMF seminars, and maybe do some work-work too, if there's any time left. Sweet... head first, then.


Blogger Pix said...

So are you in town sometime this weekend? I thought it was soon.....

11:45 am  
Blogger supergood said...


12:44 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

awww i had to say no to my music awards invite... leaving soon and in akl, and on school night... have heaps of fun - wish i was there!

2:03 am  

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