September 16, 2005


Full on week. Last Friday was a busy one. I met Joanna and some other friends, including Heather, at Sawadee for dinner. Lovely. We continued back to Jo's hotel room for a drink or two before making our way to Shadows. We'd missed Chris Knox, which was a shame since he said it was his third best performance ever... was he serious? Who knows. The Nudie Suits were next, and they were great fun. Then the Mountain Goats performed. I'd like to say I stood at the front and took in every moment, but I didn't, I hung at the back and talked shop. Yeah, that's me. One of them.

A surprise detour next - I caught the Neverends, who were the last band in the Witness the Riffness 3 lineup at the King's Arms. Nice n loud. After that it was time to check out Recloose and band who'd just taken the stage at the Rising Sun. A few tracks in, I remembered that I had to drive to New Plymouth the next morning at some ungodly hour that doesn't exist in the normal person's weekend, so I took myself home.

The next morning I remembered: I ate A PIE on the way home!!! Unprecedented, in the last three years at least. Weird.

I spent the weekend at a family reunion in New Plymouth. Loads - seriously, hundreds - of hitherto and largely henceforth unknown relatives, yeah poor effort I know, but I did learn some family history. My great great grandfather arrived in Wanganui from a small village in Switzerland in 1891, aged 14. Go the adventurers!

Back to Aucks on Sunday evening - here's a bum note - got busted wildly endangering other road users by overtaking at a breathtaking 118km/h in a passing lane. Stung to the tune of $120 and 20 demerit points! Ouch.

Musician's weekend, Monday night - the APRA Silver Scrolls at the Auckland Town Hall. Ooh, swish! Since I didn't hear confirmation that I'd be attending until late afternoon, I didn't bother stressing about wardrobe like last year - I just wore the same outfit. What can I say about the night... loads of glammed up muso types, loads of slick looking industry peeps, and loads of booze. Thank you, songwriters of New Zealand. As for the waitress who tried to tell the friendly neighbour and me that the red wine had run out at 8:15 - I'm sure you had our best interests at heart - but give us some credit. We will sniff out your booze stashes no matter what you say.

And we did. Hilarity ensued, but due to said red wine I don't seem to be able to recall adequate detail at all... probably for the best.

Wednesday saw me back at the Town Hall, this time to see Che Fu. It was some kind of radio launch event, and Che was joined by DJ Furious and the Krates, who had some great face-offs. Most surprising moment: Che launches into a version of Shihad's Home Again! Yay! He also covered most of the new album and touched on the old with a well-received performance of Misty Frequencies.

And here we are, Friday. Tonight I'm seeing SJD along with David Kilgour and Punches at the King's Arms. It's my first weekend in six weeks, all for me, no working/being sick/travelling out!! I plan to relax, big time. Oh, and vote. Change the govt? Whatevs.


Blogger audreysan said...

oh jessie the mountain gods oops i mean goats are GOD! silly silly shop-talker. lucky you weere doin yer chat at the back, too, cos john has a rep for telling off gig-spoiling chatterboxes (and i should know...)

10:02 AM  
Blogger supergood said...

Im still shocked and awed that you dared to accelerate your motorised vehicle beyond that 100km/h barrier.

Don't you know overtaking uses more petrol!


9:35 PM  
Blogger Jessie said...

Yeah, the cop was most helpful and went so far as to point out that optimum petrol usage speed is 85-95km/h.

1:40 AM  
Anonymous Tricia said...

In my mind's eye, I see you and Heather and Barry/Myshkin having lunch together from time to time to dish about the bands/members of NZMusic.

It was Barry who broke it to me that LenaO was a he troll from Voom (?)

Have fun at SJD. He's playing the Bodega with Age Pryor in Welli. Wish I could sneak away with Matt for the night.

3:34 AM  
Blogger The Saturnyne said...

'ey up! Woss 'appenin'?!



6:13 PM  
Anonymous Esther said...


I heard rumours you're heading to Welly soon - I demand you tell me when you are here so I can come and say hello :)

I was going to email you but I am lazy and should be marking dumb essays or writing my thesis proposal.

3:39 AM  

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