July 31, 2005

~sands in the hourglass, xiv

Things were unwinding towards the end of Friday when I got a call from the friendly neighbour asking if I'd like to check out Breaks Co-op at the Bruce Mason Centre in Takapuna. Fo'shizz. We arrived around 8pm, and shortly afterwards the band took the stage. Nice lineup: Besides Andy and Hamish, there was Rio (TrinityRoots), Rodney (Goodshirt) and Tom (One Million Dollars, Tomachi). The Breaks set was comparatively short, but quite lovely, and so different being in a (sold out) seated auditorium! Funny old-people crowd, very little movement. I think I was the only person in the room not sitting, including the band. But then I didn't have a seat - I leaned nonchalantly against the wall beside the sound desk. I haven't heard a lot of Breaks stuff besides the singles, and this was a pretty special set complete with kodak tearjerker moments. Replete with them, in fact.

I saw a little of Goldenhorse from side-of-stage, nothing of significance to report however.

Caught a ride home in time to gear up for round two. I arrived at the Dog's Bollix around 11pm, and much to my consternation I had missed the Inkling's set :( I did see the Boxcar Guitars, who were good n twangy and played 'My Love Is Blue' which made me happy. Grand Prix stepped up next. They're from Wellington (as are the Inkling) but I don't think I'd ever seen them before. They were superb! Very engaging alt country style. I think they're releasing something on Arch Hill sometime soon, good-o!

Any minute now round three was supposed to kick off - Coco Solid at the Ambassador with some djs and the possibility of a first-time set from mcs the Cock Destroyas!! Great name. But I didn't make it - thecashinstead I caught up with members of Charlie ASH who had finally pulled into town after a rather gruelling drive north from Wellington.

Charlie ASH played at the Rising Sun for the new Kiss and Make Up on Saturday night. I went along to check out the set and was well entertained... what a load of posers! And that's not to mention the band - who were (and are) fab.

Later in the night I wound up at one of the Turkish kebab places on K Rd, smoking one of those gross hookah thingies. Ew, pointless fruit-flavoured smoke. ?!


Anonymous Anna said...

Yay, she's back. Was awfully quiet there Jess. But sounds like another wild weekend was had by you. Keep up the writing - you know I have no life and must live through yours...ha ha.

11:40 AM  
Blogger Jessie said...

Anna that's entirely untrue. You not only have your own highly valuable life but also another very special two who depend on you for theirs! Suppose I ought email more often x

2:33 AM  

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