February 06, 2006

Kings of Leon

Once the Magic Numbers' set had finished, my friends set off in search of beer and I stayed to take a look at the Go! Team, who were starting up on the Green stage next door. After a song or two, which I have to admit I was too distracted with delayed-being-there excitement to properly take in, I decided to go get orientated backstage.

I found an accessway beside the Essential stage, and with a flash of my laminate, stepped through to the other side. Emerging out the back of the marquee onto a bark roadway surrounded by trucks and temporary office set-ups, I wandered along past the stairs leading to the main stages and soon discovered an entrance to the VIP bar. Unlike Auckland's Immortals Lounge (although it's got a new name now), BDO Melbourne's VIP area is fenced off with a large tent providing shelter from the relentless sun. In a little while I came across some friends and a little while later we set off for the main stage stairs.

That was my first heart-in-mouth moment of the day, when I glanced to the left and realised that we were walking abreast of the four Kings of Leon. Being star struck is okay, all right? I mean, it'd be boring to not care. We watched the one-hour set from side-of-stage, and it was very good. I was a little disappointed to find that the sound quality is not ideal, since it's mostly what comes out of the monitors. I guess there's got to be some tradeoff!

Once they were done, my friend scored the setlist along with a few drumsticks, and kindly gave one to me. Later on in the evening I ran into the band at the afterparty, and after a lot of encouragement I attempted conversation. For future reference, here's what not to say to a hot lead singer: "Hey, talk for me for a bit, I want to hear if you have a cool Southern accent." Yep, conversation went a long way after that stunning start.


Anonymous Jimmy said...

Hahahah, you're a legend!

4:34 AM  
Blogger cotard said...

I'm green with envy...

1:31 PM  

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