May 14, 2006

Tempt me with your eggy smell.

Before 10am this morning, there was a knock on the door. Today being lazy Sunday, I was in bed catching up on 'Lost' episodes. Because I like to put myself first, I would normally ignore knocks on the door (or the telephone ringing) at an inconvenient time.

However, I paused the show, threw on a hoodie and did battle with the sticky front door lock. A man was holding a supermarket bag full of ice cream boxes. He explained to me that he was raising money for his grand-daughter to go to Japan, by selling little plastic bags containing three chocolate-chip biscuits for $1 per bag. "They're fresh," he said, "Made by her grandmother last night. Here," he waved a bag under my nose. "Smell the egg!"

Smell the egg??! As far as enticements go, this doesn't carry much weight with me. Still, I hate to turn down anything chocolate-chip, so I bought some all the same.

I saw Voom last night at the King's Arms for A Low Hum. They were fantastic (as was Disasteradio). Roll on, the new album. And roll on, this Friday night...


Blogger Anna said...

That was pretty weird about the eggy smell thing. Still, you are a 'true consumer' [it's a family tradition!] and bought some so the chocolate must have smelt OK. Bet they're not as good as mine tho.

11:55 AM  

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