June 16, 2006

Thunder! Lightning!

Friday again, and I feel compelled to write something.

Situationally, I'm still at work, even though I stopped working almost three hours ago. I'm still here because I'm waiting for plans to be formed for the evening ahead. Also I am afraid that my car is going to leak greatly onto my head, because I didn't park it face down on a hill as is required by the Gods That Protect Against Sunroof Leakage, and it rained very hard not long ago. I'm prolonging that as long as possible... perhaps I will just leave my car here overnight.

The weekend should be good. I look forward to:
  1. Dinner with Bex followed by a strong likelihood of the Fanatics, Grande Cobra and Jagger (who?) at the Schooner.
    UPDATE: dinner was at Tanuki's - upstairs because the Cave was full. Yum, tofu salad :) and then a hilarious stopover at the Met Bar before a fantastic intimate party atmosphere at the Schooner. The Fanatics incl A BASS PLAYER were good, some new songs and some old songs and I look forward to the unveiling of their new drummer too. Grande Cobra were great; even with the unplanned break in their set to fix the PA - but was it actually broken??
  2. Visiting the French market at Parnell for breakfast (cheeky!) with Tara & co and Ryan.
    UPDATE: Found a link for the market: check it out here. Today I bought olive paste and Moroccan dip as well as feasting on a crepe with chocolate, cream and passionfruit - delicious.
  3. Doing very little all afternoon.
    UPDATE: Check. Slept all afternoon, preceded by catch-up phoner with Aud. Cheers Aud! Lovely as always xxx
  4. A Low Hummin it at the Schooner with the Sneaks, the Shakey Hands and Thought Creature (why is it so hard to remember the names of all three bands? I burned some serious calories just now).
    UPDATE: Umm.. feeling a bit squiffy in the aftermath.. bands were great though, the Sneaks really are super super ace. And Will Thought Creature actually invoked Jim Morrison.
  5. A haircut!! on Sunday from my mobile hairdresser. Life will be so different sans split ends.
That's all. Enough, I think. A third reason I am still at work is because there is beer in the fridge and it is good to keep Maria company as she slaves through some Important Work for which the deadline closed today at 5pm.


Blogger Anna said...

Your divinely-inspired diet has me drooling! No such food available round here I'm afraid. Glad you heard from Aud, I caught up with Katy a few days ago.


7:07 AM  
Blogger Jessie said...

The French market rules! One day you might visit me and I will take you there.

11:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah the P.A was broken, but the general concensus was that it sounded better broken! Glad you enjoyed the gig!

10:15 PM  

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