May 27, 2006

Is your internet slow today?

I was woken by my phone ringing at 9:15 this morning. It made my heart race in a most unpleasant fashion, thus going back to sleep was quite out of the question. That's a shame, as it was a late one last night.

I did the bfm 'Handpicked' thing, and I even flew solo for the first time, when Mark abandoned me to go find his wallet. I avoided panic mode even when it took me quite some seconds to locate the cd 'load' button. I guess I'm a pro now. And then I went to the Schooner! It's cool! It was busy, and there were five acts on the bill: Grayson Gilmour, Sunny Tokyo, Shakey Hands, White Birds and Lemons and the Mint Chicks. I seem to have avoided embarrassing neck injuries from dancing like a fourteen year old - an improvement on last weekend then.


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