June 11, 2006

The D4 @ KA

Friday night: the D4's last show. It was totally rammed and the crowd were mostly good natured which was excellent considering that all our bubbles were burst. See below for isolated complaints.

I almost didn't make it. I spent a pleasant couple of hours up at the B keeping Mark company. For some reason I was really tired so didn't contribute a lot, but I'm sure that's the way he likes it. (Right Mark?) Went along to the Classic for a drink but unfortunately didn't stop long enough to see any of the fine bands set to perform (Chris Knox and the Nothing, Cassette and Voom). One red bull got me up the hill to the KA, and two more sent me into a pretty strange headspace, but at least they kept me vertical and conscious.

The D4 were pretty much going off, as was the sizeable lighting rig. There must have been about 600 people there, if not more... shout outs to the people who just had to fart, that made for a lovely time, and also to that dickhead guy at the bar who decided it'd be just fine to light up a cigarette, I hope he had a lovely time too. Bitching aside, and in spite of my weird red bull head-fuck, I had a great time and even caught a glimpse of this guy I'm trying to decide if I should bother having a crush on.

They must have played pretty much every song they've ever written, and there was an odd sort of feel to the night - like everyone was going all out because this was all there was left. Something like a two-hour set, and still we wanted more.

On Saturday morning I met Tu at the French market in Parnell. I am so glad to have made this discovery. The French market is like heaven! All kinds of delicious delicacies, and samples for everything! Olives stuffed with all kinds of wonderful things like feta, almonds, sundried tomatoes, blue cheese and more, different kinds of wholegrain mustard (oh! how I love wholegrain mustard), all manner of spreads and dips, flavoured sausage, breads, cakes and sweets, chocolate and BEST OF ALL a fromagerie. Rapture.


Blogger Paul Capewell said...

Sounds like a fantastic send-off :)

And a French market eh? Perfick :) I lived in Parnell, too when I was in Auckland.


8:23 PM  

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