August 21, 2006

Oneword, Immorality

I love how "one word" is a part of the lexicon nowadays. Like when you spell out an email or web address and say "one word" to clarify that there aren't any spaces or dots between words, like, "Myspace dot com, oneword."

Usually it's two or three words, but we all understand what is meant. It reminds me of Nigel Jamieson's lectures on legal fictions in first year law. (If anyone can point me towards a copy of Windeyer's Lectures on Legal History, that would be cool.)

There are a few university papers that left an impact (and a lot more that didn't). I often think of a class I took for 400-level philosophy. At that time it was called, "The Fragility of Goodness", and I was quite taken with it for the title alone. I think it's now called "Why Be Moral?" and that pretty much sums up the content. We studied instances of morality and its absence across history, philosophy and literature. The topic has enormous scope, and I sometimes think of emailing the professor and asking him for pointers on furthering my research. Or at least digging out the reading list. It encouraged me to attempt books I'd never have gone near otherwise.

I find it interesting that there is only one letter between immorality and immortality. Oneletter. Morality (but not mortality) is a blurred line sometimes, and we all carry different measures.


Anonymous manda said...

when i was little and practising my signature, i used to write it all scripty with no space between the first and last name. this led to years later still being called "amanda wheeler all one word" by old friends & family ;)

11:08 PM  

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