September 14, 2006

Five things.

Was it an urban myth about certain 5c pieces (from 2004, I think) being worth a lot more than their face value?

Is anyone else waiting until the last possible moment to empty their piggy banks? I already know what's in mine - a disappointing $11.55 - but actually dragging it to the bank is beyond me.

And as for the new coins - what's your favourite? I love the new 50c - it's miniature! So cute. The 10s are growing on me, although it's strange getting used to having copper-coloured coins again. It's how many years since 1s and 2s were removed?

Martha's baby clothing website is growing by the day, it would seem. First there were shirts - check. Then manpants - check. Now gorgeous little woolly hats! And as for the 'tiny happy' shoes - just too cute. Take a look for yourself.

On the weekend, I tripped on down to the central north island for some good times, with a couple of adventures thrown in for good measure. There was a night spent in somewhat primitive quarters, although the company was exceptional. There was a day spent in Wanganui, and a walk around Westmere Lake - about ten years overdue, but certainly a case of better late than never. I went to a 30th birthday party in Mangaweka, and enjoyed much hilarity and goodness. And there was some quality time spent in Maxwell.

The only downer was the death of my speedometer, meaning I had to make the return trip north not quite knowing how fast I was going; nor does the odometer work. I suppose they're intimately connected. And I suppose they're vitally necessary for a warrant.

Other than that it was a good drive north. I stopped a lot, took the SH4 photos posted below, and even fit in a nap at a roadside rest spot north of Taumaranui. Road trips are fun.

Typical that I only heard of the Lonelygirl15 phenomenon one day before the story of Bree's true identity was revealed. Still, it's fascinating stuff. The (not very latent at all) voyeur in me rejoices. But, I wonder - why is it that videos like these are eminently watchable at work, but not so interesting at home?!

Bree and I share a birthday. If you're curious, here's the wikipedia entry, and here's her youtube page.

I'm a self-confessed ostrich - but on occasion I do get amongst it. September 12 2001 was not one of those days. My flatmate KJ woke me up to the news on the tv. I spent the day at uni, trying to get an assignment finished for my Human Rights paper, wanting to get away from the campus and the sense of confusion and bewilderment that pervaded everything. Eventually I found my way to a safe haven where we closed ourselves in the bedroom and switched off all outside influences, ostrich-style.

That's my story. Via Russell I found my way to Bomber's list of '101 questions about 9/11'. It's thought-provoking stuff.


Blogger Martha said...

I agree on the coins. The 50 cent is very exciting to get. I think it will continue to be exciting too, because I hardly ever see real cash these days.

And thanks for the kind words and excellent support. I love aunties with lots of nieces and nephews.

8:52 AM  
Blogger Hannah said...

the coins are great - we can all play Lord of the Rings as we get to say "I will give you 4 copper, 2 silver, and a gold for that there unicorn" and they will say "Nay good lady, I will n.ot sell my unicorn for $3.20"

Just like that. A proper game of lord of the rings would require the unicorn to be substituted for a horse, or a pipe - but the fun is the same!

11:02 AM  
Anonymous taryn said...

ARGH! i wanna see the new coins!! can you send me a pic??

12:55 PM  
Anonymous Jimmy said...

The 2004 5c coins were going for as much as $300 on TradeMe. But then the market got saturated.

The last ever minting of the 10s, 20s and 50s was also worth a bit of money for a while.

8:06 PM  
Blogger llew said...

Before that rush on 2004 5c coins, they would go for around $150 apparently (some collector said this on the radio). SO I expect that's what they'd go for now.

Very few were minted in 2004.

We had hundreds of old coins in a jar - none of the 5c pieces were worth more than 5c.

9:17 PM  
Blogger Jessie said...

Taryn: click on the coins link above, or take a look here.

9:49 PM  
Anonymous Lisa said...

I hate the new 10s. they look like shit already.

6:49 AM  
Anonymous indigo_jones said...

But, I wonder - why is it that videos like these are eminently watchable at work, but not so interesting at home?!

I'm home all the time now and almost never click through on video links. I just can't be bothered. Photos and stories, yes, but videos, no. Not sure why, but there you go.

8:32 PM  
Anonymous taryn said...

oh. after all the excitement i think i set myself up for a fall. i'm sure they're better in real life. why is the 10 a random copper? was prob in your link but today i'm hung and not in reading mode. will research. thanks for satisfying my curiosity

2:35 PM  

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