September 05, 2006

Howling at the Moon

"You say this never was your dream, that's why you're howling at the moon."

- Luke Buda, 'The Werewolf'

I just finished reading 'Howling At The Moon', the autobiography of Walter Yetnikoff. It traces his meteoric rise to the height of excess as the head of CBS Records in the heyday of the 80s, when superstars were really super, through to his crushing fall from grace.

I loved it. It was full of namedropping, drug-taking and promiscuity. As the boss described it: candy. Highly recommended.

Last Thursday night Stacey, Tara and I failed to get a table at Tanuki's Cave, so we settled for Ken Yakitori. It was okay - but not the Cave. Stacey and I went to see Miami Vice, which was so ridiculous that it was all we could do not to walk out. Instead we laughed a lot. I was quite taken with Colin Farrell's hair, and we both liked the guy called Crazy Pig. And the line, "Can't do the time, don't mess with crime." Or something.

On Friday evening, following fairly exuberant work drinks, we headed along to the Studio to see Che Fu perform at the launch of his greatest hits album 'Hi-Score'. The show was being filmed live for Coast. Che is such a great performer. I will never forget meeting him at Jack Hodge Music on Victoria Ave in Wanganui when I was 11, right when Supergroove were tearing up the charts with 'Can't Get Enough'. "Hi, I'm Che," he said, offering me his hand. I was smitten. I bought the cassingle and got them all to sign it.

The rest of the weekend was a little blurry, aside from a delightful dinner party at Tara's on Saturday. On Sunday I was saved only by Heather's good company and some tasty lamingtons - but once I woke up, it was a really beautiful day.



Anonymous Jimmy said...

Seeing as you're all about the fantsy pants interwebby sites, if you haven't heard of this one you might like to check it out. Its pretty choice.

7:10 AM  
Anonymous Stacey said...

How can you forget the go fast boats?

5:26 AM  

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