March 31, 2010


Things are starting to get busy in the world of Jessie. This is a good thing, because lately I haven't had so much to do, and as a result, I've done very little.

I've started running again, and after a steep curve from 0km through 5km to 10km, I'm back on track and quite enjoying it. I'm cutting down on non-essential tv watching, which is a bit difficult seeing as I'm partway through 30 Rock season 3, the last few episodes of Community, and season 2 of Veronica Mars - not to mention that I've just dipped my toes into the seedy world of Underbelly.

Still, these .avi files are not going anywhere, and there are things to be done! I have proper work to be getting on with, at least proper training for work, as my capabilities step up in the world of Topspin. I have a proper holiday coming up - cos yes, it's about time I took some time off and jetted around the world - in the form of ten days in Japan. My travelling companion is my sister Audrey, and we're visiting a bunch of cool friends, which means this is holiday is set to be TEH AWESUM.

Enough procrastination.

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