May 23, 2010

Weeknote #1

Taking my inspiration from Wired UK, which I love and am going to subscribe to just as soon as I can spare the money, here is a new format which I may attempt to utilise perhaps even more than once! It's not the most exciting but it's something.. and content is content. You know, I disagree with that statement, but I'm also time-poor, so you take what you can get.

at home
Busy week for visitors - while Martial and Mathieu are both away for another few days, I had three members of An Emerald City setting up their portable internet cafe in my living room all week. They were pretty low-impact and it was nice to have them around.

The landlord brought round a new vaccuum cleaner, causing great excitement, and a reinforced vow to never own a house with black carpet. At least it's restricted to my room. He also took away the double mattress which was taking up valuable full-length storage space in my room, so I can now hang my dresses unimpeded. More cause for joy!

Bad note for the week is the occasionally unreliable wireless connection (no thanks, O2), which - as I write - is refusing to give me a wireless connection. Not the end of the world but highly inconvenient when I have work that needs doing... luckily for me my sister Audrey rode to my rescue with an ethernet cable.

at work

Following on from above, work is busy! I have lots going on, more than enough to take up my time, and have even done several hours over this glorious weekend. I would be doing more if it wasn't for aforementioned failwhale O2 wireless box.

It's been a good week for kiwi music - I was lucky enough to catch the 3Ds at the Brixton Windmill on Tuesday night, and the Clean on Wednesday at the ICA - both fresh from supporting Pavement. The Windmill is an odd venue! Tucked away 15 minutes' walk from Brixton Underground, it reminded me of a gig in a rural NZ town, or possibly downtown Wellington, old-Bodega styles. In contrast, the ICA was very different, as it's more commonly known as an art gallery, although the band played in the theatre. A pleasure to see both bands.

And what a weekend it's been. It's after 7pm, and it's 26 degrees. This is unheard of and such a delightful far cry from the negative digits we had on my return from NZ in March. Long may it last! I spent a few hours yesterday at Hampstead Heath, near the Highgate Ponds, for Jo's birthday. She'd chosen the perfect day and a great spot - we were entertained by a hilarious revolving community of dogs, also enjoying the day.

After that it was back to E8, and a visit to London Fields, where I was alarmed to hear of the shooting that took place there yesterday afternoon. This park is five minutes from my door - and it was PACKED with people yesterday, including several friends who were near during the incident. My sister and her two little daughters visited me today, and we spent time walking through and sitting in the park - I didn't mention yesterday to them, but it was on my mind.

future happenings
This week: Barcelona for Primavera Sound! Can't wait to get away - feel quite ready for a holiday. I just hope I won't have to log on to work too much, although it's a catch-22 as I'm on an hourly rate at the moment.

Before that, I've got Nina Nastasia at Cafe OTO tomorrow, and UNKLE at Koko on Tuesday. Busy times.

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