August 13, 2004

friday the thirteenth

Ah Friday.

I like the slow pace of Friday evenings knowing I am going to go out later on. It's nice and relaxed yet focussed on a goal... party then the Bad Luck Ball at Indigo. I am wearing a black dress (originally for my 6th form ball although it's come in handy on several occasions since) and a long black wig (although I'm not sure about the fringe). I'm also taking a masquerade mask. I expect to lose it pretty quickly.

Today at work I progressively painted all my nails black. I bought the polish yesterday. I went to the chemist in Courtenay Central and after gazing around uselessly for a bit a salesperson approached me. I asked for black nail polish. The lady looked down her nose at me. "Oh... no... it used to be fashionable..." I found it at the one down by BK. Yesterday afternoon I restricted myself to one little finger. This morning I did the other one, and as the day passed I added a nail periodically. Somehow I didn't feel like it would go down well at work... kinda strange. Anyway by about 4:45 I had ten from a possible ten. I'm thinking I'll take the polish out with me to Indigo and offer people nail-painting. As I said to Nick though, I'll probably end up spilling it on their clothes. Come to think of it their clothes will probably be black anyway!

This afternoon I got 3 cds in the post. The new Mint Chicks EP, the new Fang album and the Arch Hill compilation 'The Hill is Alive'. The new Fang album is totally delicious! Not a word I would normally use for music, I don't think, yet it seems to fit. Just the right note between pensive and pop.

The FBB were well-received at Rock Cradle on Tuesday!



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