August 03, 2004


I am utterly useless at packing. Not so much at figuring out what to take and putting it in a bag, but just getting the job done. There keeps being distractions... I've got t-shirts covered, at least.

Since I'm off to Auckland tomorrow to do some gigz, I figured I'd do a wee roundup on gigz I've been to lately. [For an explanation of the plural 'z' phenomenon that's gripped me lately see the Video Kid interview in A Low Hum 11.] Last Thursday I saw Gramsci and Tommy at Happy. I got there a little into Gramsci's set but nonetheless was quickly mesmerised by his powerful delivery and lovely melodies. Nice. New album out I think? Tommy played for bloody ages, got the crowds moving though. On reflection that's the only gig I've been to lately. Stayed home Friday, and Saturday I attended my own virtual gig with the help of Singstar at Jane's birthday. We got pretty competitive - I think Jane and I got the top scores, both of us ranking 'Hit Artist' for Blondie's 'Heart of Glass'. So, I lied when I said 'Take On Me' by Aha was the only good track.
Clearly I'm not at MC5 (or Jurassic 5) tonight... yeah I know, rock n roll legacy and all that, but I've got weekend expenditure to think of. I considered attempting to sneak up the back stairs at Indigo but considering I've been hassling Brendan for a ticket it wouldn't be seemly.

However earlier today I did have the privilege of sitting in on the final rehearsal for Fly My Pretties, which opens at Bats tomorrow. If you don't have a ticket, sorry, it's sold out. Even the just-added extra late Friday show! Wow. The creativity was palpable, all those accomplished musicians in the same space - there's so many they even have to share instruments. I was rather upset to have missed 'Bag of Money', being my fave Barnaby song, unless of course I had to choose from Flash Harry as well... anyway what I did see was pretty cher, the set looked cool, but most of all it was exhilarating to witness the collaboration of such a crew of Wellington's finest.

Tomorrow morning I get to go to work for just as long as it takes to sort out one file then I get to leave to drive to Auckland with three nice boys!! Cool. I've been looking forward to this for a long time. For gig details see the sidebar. Stand by for exciting on tour news! Updated hourly!*

*Neither of the two preceding statements are true



Blogger Jessie said...

Actually on Friday I went to the Michel Gondry Retrospective at the Film Fest. It was so cool... made me want to go home and get some strings on my electric and blast out some white stripes riffage... one of these days I WILL put strings on that strat and I WILL carry Nick's amp up the stairs and I WILL blow the windows out of my room and fuck off all my flatmates. Yeah. Michel Gondry is great. Michel, if you read this, will you do a vid for a band called Hot Swiss Mistress? Okay then? Sweet - drop me a line.

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