August 06, 2004

tropical showers

Apparently they're just standard up here. You know, the climate. In associated news I'm a bit fragile and I'm supposed to be having a nap before the boys pick me up at 4 (assuming they can find me in this far flung suburb) so we can go to TVNZ where the nice people at Flipside are going to interview Hot Swiss Mistress. It's a media-themed day; we have an interview with Jason on 95 bfm around 6 this evening. Then we're off to Pt Chevalier for a gig with Chris Knox and the Demi-Whores. I'm looking forward to hanging at the Ambassador. It's nice and laid back.

Last night's gig was great fun. I was kind of expecting the Kiss and Makeup Club thing to be like Indigo's Rock Cradle, but it was more like Audio Roulette with Knixx... playing all the old hits and lots of people dancing. Hot Swiss made a strong start and had a good set. I had a lovely time and was pleased to meet Heather and Paul. It was also cool to get a taste of the Boxcar Guitars playing at the Misery exhibition opening at Illicit on K'Rd. Missed the Shallows... lucky I'll get to see them tomorrow night. Today has been a little strained: I woke up after spending the night completely cocooned in a blanket to find my eyes all itchy and red - I suspect it was the dog's blanket... but I have managed to fit in a good bit of shopping which is always nice to do while on holiday.

There goes the rain again. Good night.



Blogger supergood said...

At least it wasn't a flea-ridden dog's blanket

4:18 AM  
Blogger Jessie said...

Yeah I suppose! What a mission. Am still in catatonic-unable-to-form-sentences recovery mode; very uncool at work. Hope my brain comes to the party tomorrow.

4:27 AM  

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