November 12, 2004

Sunny weekends are the best

Congratulations to the lovely Natalie Biz on a well-deserved win! I look forward to hearing more about the awards, and more importantly the reaction to her win. Should make for good reading - but then her stories always do.

Yesterday I listened to a CD for the first time at work - and the sky remained firmly in place overhead. Excellent! So what music did I choose for this auspicious event? Nothing terribly exciting, just one of the review CDs I mentioned below - Surrealistic. This having a deadline for two reviews this Wednesday is bugging me a bit. Deadlines are never fun, but since I started my current job and my managerial duties got stepped up (what with the imminent chart-breaking success of the band, of course ;) my reviewing has really gone out the window. My powers of description are reduced to enlightening comments like, "Guitars. Nice vocal. Sounds good," or maybe, "Vocals a bit whiney. Tk 6 more grinding riffage." I kid you not - these are my working notes. I foresee some late nights ahead.

Anyway I'm off to go shopping. I need towels. Lately it seems I've been leaving a wake of towels across the country - one in Auckland, one in Dunedin - and since I've been surviving on the same four towels since I left home six (six!) years ago it's really about time. Funny that this marking of territory with used towels is always accompanied by a shocking hangover.



Blogger Jessie said...

I suck at shopping.

Check out the changes on the right: my alta vista babel fish translator is having a much-deserved holiday visiting her cousin Nemo and in her place, you'll see the whole shebang of Weebl and Bob archives. Enjoy! My personal favourite is the rather frightening Clowns.

3:15 AM  
Blogger The Saturnyne said...

Aaaarghhh! I was gonna add the same weebl and bob link! Or AS Weebl might say "Damn you Wee Jessie! you win this time"...

I'll wait until the new year now.

PS. I remember spending a verr pleasant drunken evening last year singing "Hats For Clowns" and many other made-up versions with a friend and his acoustic geetar...
'Hentai' and 'Art' and the 'Pie Scented Cleaner' episodes are particular faves also.

4:52 AM  
Blogger Jessie said...

Haha Weebl makes me laugh. I like this one too. "Absolute pie corrupts absolutely."

8:18 PM  

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