February 10, 2005

Soundsplash 05

Here are some pictures from Saturday's fantastic reggae-dub festival at Raglan.

Friday, countdown over, ekekekekcitement, waaaaiting. Auckland Airport - humidity - hot -

Rain! Galatos, Open Souls, the Black Seeds, Mattty!! etc. Home. Saturday grey, Grey Lynn.

Ru: ride to Raglan - detour to Hamilton for Stacey - Raglan! Wainui Reserve. Rainy, clearing, Unity Pacific - dance - Kora! Sun. The Black Seeds. Tent up, hanging at the campsite. Trinityrooots, FFD!! Katchafire and I’m losing the plott... internal monologue is a dialogue

Asleep in a tent. Imagine!

On a Sunday, Hamilton is not SHRN. Maybe it was, but it ain’t now. We killed time watching ‘Spongebob Squarepants’, which was average, then we bought paperbacks (‘Short Stories: American Girls About Town’) and retired to the Gardens.

We eventually shoot through close to 7pm and arrive in Wellington around 1am. The last of my summer adventures. Maybe the best yet?


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For some reason, I just had to go with a stream of consciousness approach for this one.

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