June 11, 2005

Plans Evolving

Last night plans evolved in a most satisfying way. There's been a few developments since I decided that this was to be the weekend in which my odyssey begins, and I think this latest amendment is the best yet.

Back on 10 April, when I hit upon the idea, all I knew was that today's the day my dad is flying to London for five weeks, and he'd asked me to look after his car during his absence. So it made sense pick this weekend. Being something of a hoarder, no way was my material existence going to fit in his wee hatchback, so I eventually hit on the idea of borrowing Warner's van and loading that up as far as Wanganui. This plan meant someone had to drive with me to Wanganui in order to bring the van back, while I continued north.

As long as I could find someone to drive me, it seemed like a solid plan - until Warner informed me that his van has no warrant. No registration I could handle (it's not too expensive) but no warrant is a different kettle of fish entirely. That van could need all kinds of work! A revision was called for.

the long and winding roadMy next plan, and until last night the current plan, was for me to catch a bus to Wanganui this morning, collect Dad's car, drive it back here, load it up and then return to Wanganui to unload some stuff tomorrow, before continuing north. Not a good revision.

This is where the 'continuing north' part gets important. I'm planning on spending a day or two with friends in Hunterville on the way up State Highway 1, and coincidentally, so is my best friend (and flatmate) Angela. We were going to meet there on Monday or maybe Tuesday. Then last night, while enjoying the warmth of the fire in Nick's lounge, the cogs creaked into action and Ange said, "If you're only taking one car-load, why don't you just come with me on Monday, via Wanganui?" My grey matter took a few minutes to process this proposition: Huh? Go with Ange? Via Wanganui? No bus? Sleep in tomorrow? Yes! Now I can't figure out why it didn't occur to us sooner!

Last night I went to Cabaret at Chow, and seeing as it's a week since my going away party, I had to endure a lot of, "Are you still here?" inquiries. The window is closing though, which is fine with me. If I can just figure out how to fit all my stuff into Ange's wee Corolla*... And bring myself to pack my stereo.

*One hatchback for another... ah, needs must.


Blogger David said...

Better plan:

1. Steal dad's ticket.
2. Fly to London for 5 weeks.
3. Let dad move personal effects from Wellington to Auckland.
4. Arrange Auckland friend to ensure that dad unpacks personal effects and arranges them in a manner that is efficient but also pleasing to the eye.
5. Let dad find his way back to Wanganui by bus or by bludging a lift with a friend.
6. Return from London happy and relaxed and move in to new flat.
7. Unpack London shopping in a haphazard fashion so that new flat looks lived in.

10:54 PM  
Blogger nincomjoel said...

I left my glasses at your place and i've been meaning to come and collect them, yay!
Will you be home all day?

11:11 PM  
Anonymous Lisa said...

Ooh! Did you listen to any of those CDs? I was just listening to C'├ętait pour la passion... pretty... and I wondered

12:56 AM  
Blogger B said...

**david's plan sounds great!

3:31 AM  
Blogger Barry said...

God, now I so want to go to Chow: thanks!

Hope your trip north has gone (is going?) well.

4:30 AM  
Blogger Jessie said...

David, I agree with B - your plan rocks. I will have to consult with you in advance next time an opportunity arises.

Joel, sorry I missed you, glad the glasses mystery is solved. And hey, thanks :)

Lisa, great to meet you. Thanks for the music, fantastic.

Barry, that was my first time up there. I always thought it was a bit swanky. But -yeah- nice.

1:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ha thats funny i thought "david" was dad, creating a keraaaaazy plan that just might work... that'd be weird as hell tho...

1:45 PM  
Blogger Jessie said...

Yeah I thought that too momentarily.. almost plausible.

2:04 PM  

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