June 19, 2005

Some Enchanted Evenings

Some of you will be aware of my self-styled title as fangirl number one when it comes to the Phoenix Foundation. Nothing's changed - in fact I timed my arrival in Auckland to coincide with their playing two gigs at the Classic, with the support of another favourite of mine, Cassette.

I worked on the door at Friday’s gig. Demand exceeded supply and there were some disappointed people. Some big names came through, too. Afterwards we adjourned to a rather curious (and very cool) bar downtown, and stuff didn't make much sense. We checked out another bar (great booths) and then headed to a friendly flat in Kingsland. It was a fun night, and I met some lovely people whom I hope to see more of. Late, though... and I woke up with something of a sore head. I wasn't alone in that, and my girl-guide supplies of nurofen plus were well-received.

Saturday was a slow day. Waking up was slow, getting out of bed was slow, breakfast was slow. Killing some time with a movie seemed like the best idea. I saw 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' - it was great. Just what I needed! The characterisations were brilliant, particularly the cheesiness of Zaphod. Afterwards we had some life-restoring miso and then discovered a very cool 'zen garden' down near the old railway station. Shoulda had my camera... Alarming lack of pics from entire weekend.

Then I got my ass home for a nap. Evening naps - dangerous territory! I slept too long and before I knew it, it was 10:40pm, meaning Cassette were already on stage. I spent the next twenty minutes in a heightened state of panic muttering, "Fuck, fuck, fuck," in strained tones as I showered/woke up/etc. I ran as fast as I could to the bus stop but the 11:05pm bus was pulling away just as I approached! Typical. I got a cab.

The Phoenix Foundation were just starting their set when I arrived, and the Classic was pretty crowded. I was still in an agitated state, so I spent the first few songs flapping about. Dashed upstairs to dump my hoodie. Grabbed a beer, discovered it had been dropped and was nothing but oozing foam. Abandoned it. Squeezed my way to the front of the stage. Was bashed about by an insane mosher who wouldn't stop thrashing washing machine-style, causing me to fall over the foldback onto the stage. Tried to grab him to yell obscenities but was flung off, back onto the monitor. Returned upstairs for momentary quiet time. Harmony restored, made my way back to the front of the stage (mosher absented) and settled in.

What an exceptional set! It covered songs from the band's three releases, plus a few new ones, and an encore including 'All In An Afternoon' and 'Slightest Shift in the Weather' complete with niice bluesy jam mid-song. 'Sister Risk' was even more awesome than at the Botanical Gardens in January. The band have really developed the song since recording it for 2003's Horsepower, with the whole outro part taking on a life of its own once that bass line kicks in. Sam took it to another level last night; adjectives seem out of place. The sound filled my consciousness - the best aural pleasure I've had in a long time - keeping me floating long afterwards and prompting me to wrack my brains for a practical way to get to Wellington for the hometown album release gig (Indigo, next Saturday) just to hear some more... I'd pay a lot for a bootleg of last night's gig.

Given the large night we'd had previously, Saturday's post-gig entertainment was decidedly chilled out. I came dangerously close to quoting song lyrics to their writer. The night ended, as all good nights do, with wine gums.


Blogger Rosiemunda said...

wow, what an exciting weekend. Did you not get to see cassette after all that? Poos. The P F do attract some weirdos (ref washing machine guy) once I got stuck behind a bogan lady at one of their gigs, she kept staring into sam's eyes and waving at him and saying hi.

3:26 PM  
Anonymous Lisa said...

Yeah that was me.

Oh wait, no no. But that sounds fabulous. I'm very much looking forward to seeing them this weekend. Maybe I'll take my staplers.

8:05 PM  
Blogger Martha said...

I want names! Celebrity names!

We sat around last night drinking wine celebrating our new coffee cart and listening to new P F. V. nice.

10:34 PM  
Blogger Jessie said...

Oh sorry Martha, I didn't want this to be all name-droppy.. Rosie, I didn't see Cassette play (apart from when I was on the door which doesn't quite count) but I did get to hang out with the boys afterwards which was nice :) Looking forward to that album. Also, you'll probably find a lot of people staring into Sam's eyes when he plays ;)

10:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey there Jess, you missed Cassette and you miss the fuck out bitch x Craig T

1:32 PM  

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