February 06, 2006

Iggy and the Stooges

There was no more side of stage viewing without some kind of blood-signed pact, so we smiled sweetly at a security guard who let us jump the fence into the mosh pit area. There was a surprising amount of space there, admittedly on the fringes, although the crowd was packed tight in the area behind the D.

Iggy launched into the classics, kicking off with 'I Wanna Be Your Dog', 'No Fun' and 'TV Eye'. He's a strange guy, all lithe and bendy and funny hips. About half an hour into the set, he started waving people up to join him. Stage invasion! I've never seen an Iggy show before, so I don't know if this was your common-or-garden variety invasion, but it was insane. There were at least fifty people crowding the stage, with more piling over the barriers and being intercepted by security. I could only gaze in amazement, sure something bad was about to happen, as more and more attempted the climb. The guards appeared indiscriminate as to who they permitted and who they pushed back.

Totally mad. I saw the clock on the stage said 8:20pm - time for me to go get ready for the White Stripes.


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