February 16, 2006

the present tense, minus tension

This morning I wake up to a song-I've-forgotten (or was it Wallace's voice?) and realise with a jolt that I have to catch a bus to town to collect my car, abandoned following excessive beer consumption last night at various K Rd locations.

After stumbling through shower and dressing chores, I manage to eat a nutritious breakfast as the clock indicates several missed buses. Flatmate tells me about exciting cricket game which tied! I'm sure that never happens! There was a bowl-off! Makes me almost wish... nah.

Now moderately presentable, I put sunglasses lenses back into frame and recall them breaking repeatedly as they fell off my head repeatedly last night. Cheap sunglasses. The price of fashion. Plug in ipod after checking battery will last beyond the gate. Walk to bus stop, listen to Elliot Smith wishing it was the Decemberists, then remember how much I like Elliot Smith. Recall limping past a checkpoint at the top of my street on the way home last night, and am relieved that I didn't drive. That would have been silly.

Bus arrives. Nine Inch Nails' 'Burn' is not what I had in mind but can't argue with 'My Top Rated' on 'shuffle'. What was wrong with 'random'? 'Shuffle' is stupid.

Bus progresses 200m up Richmond Rd then breaks down. The bus driver tells us to catch the next bus. I go and catch the next bus. I limp to car on Beresford Square and am relieved to note there is no ticket. Good. As I drive to the office, I recall bizarre tripping-over incident during my limp home last night. This makes me laugh.

In the office, a telegram awaits! People still send telegrams! I've never had one before, and I wonder if it will have odd disjointed sentences with STOPs. It doesn't. Our power is about to be disconnected because apparently it was never actually connected. I resolve the situation. I’m a resolver.

An angry man accuses me of being smart when I am unable to locate his refrigerator. I am in a good mood so I smile politely and keep my bad thoughts to myself.

Taryn sent me this link about the Brit Awards. It is very funny although I do not get all the references.

Tonight I am going to see the Black Seeds play at the Zoo. I will picnic. Then I hope to go home and quietly sit on the couch, something I have wanted to do all week but have not yet achieved.

Surely Batrider's 'Ark D'Triumph' is the coolest song ever. They're touring in March.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

gosh i miss you. when are you coming to your senses and moving back to wellington?!


3:36 AM  
Anonymous Lisa said...

heehee! wayne coyne!

9:12 PM  
Blogger Jessie said...

Sure, but did I miss something?

10:41 PM  
Blogger Anna said...

Am wondering about the man and his lost refrigerator...and why you had to keep those bad thoughts in your head and smile politely???

9:26 AM  
Blogger Jessie said...

It's okay, it turned up later on :)

5:06 AM  
Anonymous heather said...

Subtle difference between "random" and "shuffle":

random = pick one song from list. Potential for double-ups.

shuffle = play all songs in a random order, no repeats. Playlist is predetermined by...shuffling.

You savvy?

12:06 AM  

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