June 24, 2010

Baking Dogs

My friend Rain posted this video on Facebook, and I just have to share it cos it's brilliant. I do not remember Sesame Street being this entertaining, in fact I never really liked it much. I always got really confused by the way the big yellow dog disappeared behind the tree. Or the kids disappeared. Something disappeared.

I've been listening to 6 music and getting excited about Glastonbury...even though I'm not going. It starts in 2.5 hours! Loved the countdown of top ten performances, particularly that I was at the number one: Blur in 2009. Their finale of 'The Universal' really was something else. I remember standing there with Audrey, Treez and Ian, and it was just lovely and transcendental and all those things you get after four days of camping and hangovers and mud and sun.

Now, back to work. I'm finishing early today, to watch the football of course! Go All Whites!

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