June 06, 2010

Weeknote #3

at home
Today I bought potting mix and coriander seeds… any minute now I will combine the two and get growing! Maybe on Tuesday.

Last night I gave myself a night off and didn't go to Thee Oh Sees gig - instead I lay on the sofa and watched Precious. It was pretty hard-hitting and quite a tear-jerker, but I'd definitely recommend it.

at work
Fun project last week - ticketing for two Pixies gigs at the Troxy in Limehouse. Lucky I'd seen them play the previous weekend at Primavera Sound, as I only managed to catch the encore of each show. Great encores they were: Where Is My Mind and Here Comes Your Man, much to the rapture of the crowds. On the Friday I watched from the balcony, and it took quite a few minutes before I could breathe properly - high levels of humidity, ugh.

Also work- and Pixies-related, I got to meet another work colleague who was over from the States. My understanding of what it is that we do, how and why we do it remains incomplete but I'm working on that and all in all I think things are going well.

I am very happy to have been lent a bicycle for the week, to help me figure out what sort I am going to buy. Today I rode 15km across town to my old flat to collect mail, and thoroughly enjoyed myself even though I didn't know quite where I was for a lot of the time. It took around 1 hour and 10 minutes to make the ~15km journey each way. I am so getting my own asap! Tomorrow I will give the commute to work a go.

On today's return cross-town mission I stopped by AIR Studios in Belsize Park, where I met @GlenMexted and was wowed by the beautiful studio facilities. Very impressive, and lovely staff too.

future happenings
Coming up this week I have a couple of gigs: Menomena on Monday and Dangerous Heresy on Friday. That's it!

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