June 13, 2010

Weeknote #4

at home
Very little of note at home this week - although I did get around to planting the coriander yesterday - so I'll talk about today's Big Purchase: a bike! After a week of riding Teresa's, I am now the proud owner of a frankly awesome matte black Trek Soho. It's a single speed model, with a super-light aluminium frame so it's easy to carry up to my flat, and it goes fast! I had it fitted with mudguards and a carrier, and got all the accessories I could think of - lights, lock, helmet, gloves, high-vis jacket, and panniers are in the mail. No more public transport for me as far as I can help it - I need to make this purchase worthwhile!

at work
Busy times at work with a campaign launch that I only learned of on Friday and which went live this evening - so I spent rather more hours working this weekend than I would like. Still, I think it looks good and it's great to be learning how it all works.

My colleague from the States (for whom I must dream up a good alias) has returned home for fortnight, so I've got the place to myself. This may mean a move to the corner office and its super-sized monitor - I'm talking serious real estate here - or it may mean a few days' working from home. We'll see.

out n about
Menomena on Monday at the Hoxton Square Bar were really lovely (and so were the bar staff). They reminded me a little of Kings of Leon, minus heads-up-arse, and also leaning towards the axis of Fleet Foxes/ Grizzly Bear. It was a fun night, and great to catch up with Matt of Grillpanda fame and talk all things Songkick with him and his crew at the Electricity Showrooms.

Thursday saw me back at the old stomping grounds of Berners St, for an MMF seminar/networking event. There were presentations by my friend Chris at PRS for Music on the state of the industry, and also Mathias from Myspace fielded questions on Myspace Music. My favourite part was meeting former mclusky manager Craig, who had some great stories to tell. I love hearing good industry stories - which reminds me, Gilbey has lent me a Led Zep bio which apparently must be read to be imagined *rubs hands in glee* and one day I shall read it.

I saw Dangerous Heresy at the Bull & Gate on Friday, and they were rockin' as ever. I thoroughly recommend checking them out this Thursday at The Rest Is Noise, Brixton - a free gig, and there's a Nando's nearby - perfect.

Today I spent a couple of hours collecting for TCT at the Marylebone Fayre. It was really interesting, although I spent possibly too much of my time gazing at the interesting people in attendance, and their interesting dogs and children. My bucket wasn't half as heavy as the others on my shift.

future happenings
Hmm, what's on the calendar? Considering the Big Purchase, this section is likely to be somewhat lightweight in forthcoming days...but nah, that'd be boring. This week there's the aforementioned Dangerous Heresy gig on Thursday, and other than that, I'm open to spontaneity this week.

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