June 28, 2010

No weeknote #6

Six weeks in and it's time to reflect. The success of this project has been that I have actually posted something each week for five weeks. This sort of regularity is pretty much unheard of in recent years. However it has brought me to consider content vs quality. I have always been an advocate of the latter, yet this style of posting reeks of content for content's sake. Last week's weeding out of spam comments took me back to a time when there was more to say and more time to say it.

The weeknote style is also more journal-like than I'm comfortable with. Back in the day I had my cosy Wellington readership - now I have no idea who's reading, and a bit more of an idea who's not. I'm very aware that there's not a lot going on here in the first place.

Weeknotes: a great idea, just not quite the right fit for me.



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