July 04, 2010

Hop Farm and a Reunion

Yesterday I stood in a field with 50,000 people blissfully waving my arms in the air and singing along to Ray Davies singing 'Sunny Afternoon'. Good times, great feeling!

Together with my crew of Bex and Siana, I was at Hop Farm in Kent, for the Saturday part of the two-day "festival for the people". I wasn't aware of this tagline, but my fantastic friend Stacey certainly was and she spent the day making notes to include in a letter to the festival promoter, one Vince Power. Festival for the people, but there's no toilet paper? The hand-san is actually soap, causing much discomfort and stickiness? There were other, non-ablution-related complaints, but they have fallen off my brain. Overall, it was a brilliant day with perfect sunshine and great bluesy folk sounds, including Laura Marling, Seasick Steve, Pete Doherty and Mumford & Sons.

Sunset over Hop Farm

Bob Dylan headlined, allegedly. I cannot confirm as I was not in the front of the crowd and it seems that Dylan had said no to anything resembling a closeup for the big screens. Still, there was a man in a pink shirt wearing a hat, and I admit to getting very excited indeed when I recognised 'Ballad Of A Thin Man'.


But, if I'm honest, I didn't pay much attention to Dylan because it was during his headlining set that I finally found Stacey, my long-lost friend from days of old in Wellington. We'd failed to make a proper meeting plan and she has no UK mobile, so it seemed that all was lost and I spent most of the day double-taking at every brown-haired lady in hat and dark sunglasses. Sore neck, yes. Then late in the evening, in the toilet queue don't you know, and there she was, striding purposefully towards me - as I happened to be near the end of the line - and oh what a joyous reunion!

It had been almost four years since we'd last seen each other, in Auckland, when this series of photos was taken. It was really great to reconnect.

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