July 18, 2010

Liverpool and Picasso and the weekend


Katy and I went to Liverpool a week or two back, to see the Picasso exhibition at the Tate. I didn't really know anything about Picasso, and the exhibition was themed Peace & Freedom and looked at his works from a political perspective. So now for me Picasso is a political figure. This is my favourite painting from the exhibition, brought to you thanks to Now Public:

We had a lovely day of wandering around Liverpool and before we caught our train back to Euston, we came across an area of huge, old municipal buildings. Katy remarked on the wealth that must have resided in Liverpool a few centuries back - she said it was because of slavery, as Liverpool was an important port city.

London went off this weekend. Yesterday was full of cycling at Richmond Park, a special moment with deer, pub lunch by the Thames, Pimms and lawn bowls in Clapham, house party perfection, new friends fantastic, bicycle retrieval success (my bicycle is henceforth known as Stealth Ninja), mushroom soup delicious chez Lisa, Hyde Park Diana Memorial sublime with my awesome nieces and their ma'n'pa, and hanging out with my Aunt. Now: shattered, in the best way.

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