August 03, 2010

About work, and play

Today I was called upon to explain what it is that my company does. When I saw the email preceding the phone call I was nervous. I wasn't sure that I would be able to answer the questions that would inevitably arise, with this potential new client needing to learn about the product and service we offer in order to evaluate it for his needs.

I made the call, and as the questions were posed, the answers flowed out of me, and I knew what I was talking about. I felt confident, and creative, and I offered extra information and examples on how to extend the services and fully optimise the product offering. I felt great! I realised that I have absorbed more than I knew during the months of internship - and now that I'm contracting in a grown-up sense - I'm learning still more every day. I'm grateful every day that I am exactly where I want to be.

There's one project I'm heavily involved in at work, and a big part of it is this website: UK Music Offers. It's essentially a web store selling high quality digital tracks and albums at a low price - 40p per track and £3.99 per album. The artists include Portugal. The Man, Alberta Cross, Metric, Beastie Boys, Dave Holland, Get Busy Committee, Wendy & Lisa and more. (There's one caveat: offers are available to UK residents only.) I'd love it if you'd please take a look, and if you're in the UK, by all means throw 40p to a good cause! What good cause, you ask? This one: my further education, and the future of my career in its current form. I'm very interested in feedback on the content, the layout and the purchase experience, what you think works and what needs improvement.

It's been a little while since I posted anything - weekends in Bratislava and the Lakes District and the usual hyper-busy weeks have left little time for creativity after hours. I was inspired this evening by Bob Lefsetz - he's often inspiring - and his linking to this short Seth Godin/Tom Peters clip.

This weekend I'm headed to The Big Chill with my good friend Matty.. one last shot at summer festival bliss. Speaking of - wouldn't mind a bit more of that late 20s goodness, weather gods..?

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